About The Warriors of Camelot
We are a casual and active kinship in LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE on the GLADDEN server, with members online every day and usually at all times as we are an international kinship. We don't require gear or deed requirements and understand everyone games at their own pace. Whether you are just starting out or have been LOTROing for years you'll find a welcoming fellowship of allies here. The kin is open to all as we do not discriminate about who you are in Real Life or what orientation you identify as. If you are a guy who likes to play the lady avatars because you find them better to look at, or the reverse, we don't care.  In fact, we do not need to know your real name or anything about you. Share of you wish, be a mystery if you wish...no worries! We believe that it is our priviledge to help each other out and will craft for you if you are willing to provide the mats needed to make what you need.


Our Kinship Castle is on a island in Gondor and we have named it Camelot! It has a Complete Crafting Center with a vault, a vendor and much more + we are located immediately next to the Homestead area for quick access for Task Quests, Auction Hall & Legendary Item upgrades! We also have a Kinship Mead Hall in Rohan, our Kin Citadel in Erebor, a Kin House in Lyndelby, 3 Embassy Kin Houses and 4 storage homes in Falathlorn, 2 Embassy Kin Houses and a storage home in Thorin's Hall & an Embassy Kin House and storage home in The Shire, plus 3 Kin Houses and 14 homes dedicated for additional kin storage in our Bree-land Kin Neighborhood, all to provide kinsfolk with items they need for crafting in Arda!

If you enjoy ROLE-PLAYING, we are a multi-racial kingdom named CAMELOT which has a single king but this king makes no decisions without the knights & warriors of the Round Table (Officers of the Kinship). Arrthur does not sit at the head of the Council's table (because it has none) and considers & values the opinions and insight of all in the Council of the Table Round, and then calls for votes before making any final decision (in other words, our kinship officers vote equally and the kin is not run by a single leader or co-leader). We are a very Light RP Kinship which means we will support it and participate in it when anyone in the kin desires it. If you do not wish to participate, no one will hold it against you if you don't want to take part. We hope we will be a good fit for your style of gaming and WELCOME!
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