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We have only a few rules for the kin...

* In your Player social panel you have a place for adding a NOTE. We ask that you indicate if your toon is your Main in the kin, or an Alt (alternate) toon in the kinship. This helps everyone know who you are and helps eliminate confusion.

* Do not ask us to power-level you as we don't feel that it is a good way for your character to advance. You need to grow your character not only with levels but with deeds & reputation too. The worst thing is to have a high levelled character and to not know all the ways to use them most effectively, especially when in groups.

* All Kin crafting areas, vault, barber, vendors are available to be used by all kinsfolk. The kin chest is available to kin officers only but we have over 10 additional kin homes available to all kinsfolk. Only 2 homes are Officer-Only because the chest was looted in the past when we had it open to everyone, so now it is only available to those who have been tried & true for some time, and have been promoted to Officer.

* To be a candidate for Officer, you will have had to show that you are vocal in kin chat and proven to be even-tempered. You should also frequently greet kinsfolk who logon (give them a minute to load up first though) and offer help. Help includes helping them in a quest if needed (not necessarily skirms though), and or to offer crafting help.

* Do not ask for crafting mats and then get upset if the person(s) can not provide them to you. Get out there and farm for your mats just as everybody else had to spend valuable time doing. 

* Adult language is permitted as we are not specifically a family-friendly kin (meaning younger children are not sought out in recruiting, but are accepted with parental approval), however, avoid perverse conversation or jokes. We just aren't in to that sort of thing. Anything that falls into the category of sexual harassment or racially-themed slurs will not be tolerated in any form. Everyone has the right to privacy. Any personal RL details must be volunteered freely and is never required to be answered under any circumstances, so do not ask.

* Discussion in kin chat may not include anything about politics or religion or any off-topic non-game related discourses, as well as personal drama as we wish to remain drama-free, so keep it to Star Wars vs. Star Trek or Mets vs. Yankees, etc. You have many outlets of social media to talk about such issues. Kin chat, Kin Website & Kin Discord are not your social media. Also keep Fellowship Chat in the channel called Fellowship Chat.

* The above rules also apply to our Discord Channel, plus we must insist that you honour  fellowship and raid chats. These channels are for kinsfolk whom are fellowed and are doing questing together. If you have a question, try kin chat first. Do not interrupt fellowship chats except out of extreme emergencies. If you wish just to chat, there are non-fellowship & raid channels that we have for that purpose.

* Finally, we are part of a Kinship Alliance by the name simply of THE UNITED KINS OF GLADDEN. Our alliance chat channel is DRAGONSPEAK and we ask that you only use it on your characters that belong to one of the allied kins. If you have an alt in a kin that is not part of the alliance, please do not abuse the channel. You will need to create the chat channel by typing "/joinchannel Dragonspeak" and press ENTER. You then assign it to whatever number of chat channel you wish, it automatically defaults to the lowest number available, and then we recommend that you also change the color of the channel as it defaults to white, therefore looking like many other types of chat/messages. Finally, to use the channel you simply type "/1" (or whatever number you have it assigned to) just as you would to do fellowship chat with a "/f" or kin chat with a "/k."

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