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Post -Character name , Class Type (Minstrel,Captain, Dragon...), Crafting Skill (if interested in crafting)

we'll get in touch with you soon!  (in-game or out  )


hello iv sent in a application i am a returning player i have the expansions up til mordor, i am vip for 1 year, replaying as a hobbit names Rodricis in your server gladden, and im a guardian :) hope to hear from you soon! i love voice chatting in discord and i enjoy rp and casual play! also btw never made it past level 22 so i have much to learn haha! see you all in game!


woops sorry miss spelled my charcters name its Rodericis haha


Welcome back! I hope that you are enjoying all the free content! I will post an message to the kin so that they may "Friend" you and we can keep a lookout for you when you are online. Welcome to the Table Round! =)


hello I am a somewhat new player with a elf champion named nangithiel who can craft armor and really I am quite laid back

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