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Making the Most of My (Real) Money in LOTRO


Hey everyone! So while I'm really enjoying LOTRO, I'm not going to be able to support the game by becoming a VIP. I'm in grad school, so I don't have a great source of income, and once school starts back up my activity will be limited. However, there is currently a sale on the Expansion Quests in the LOTRO Store that ends in August, and I know I've seen posts online (mostly Reddit, I think) of people discussing how to best spend a small amount of money to get the most during this time. So, for my own clarification before I spend any "real" money, I thought I would come to you as a source of information and advice.

  1. Purchasing a month of VIP means that I will get and keep some benefits after my month is up, correct? Is that what being a premium player is?
  2. I feel like most of the recommendations I've seen so far have been to use the LOTRO points I get from my month of VIP to buy the Expansion Quests that are on sale. Would you agree that that's the best way to use those points?
  3. I know there's a difference between buying a full expansion (not on sale) and just buying the expansion quests (on sale). Will I be missing out on anything big if I just buy the quests?
  4. Out of curiosity and if you feel comfortable sharing, are you a VIP? If so, do you feel like it's worth it?

Feel free to message me in-game or on Discord if that's easier for you than replying here. Thanks!



1. Yes, PREMIUM status is for anyone who used to be a VIP, even if it was only for one month. Once you have that status, you can keep 5 toons active per server. It defaults to your top 5 levelled characters. Others over that amount (if you made all 9 characters you get with VIP) will still exist but you can't login to them until you either go VIP again or start buying additional slots from the Store.

2. Yes, it is the BEST use of the 500 LPs you get for your month of VIP. The seven regions not covered under the LOTROFREEQUESTS COUPON are on sale for 99 LP each so all you need to do is earn an additional 200 LP, which chances are really huge that you may have already earned those by this point. 

3. If you follow the above advice, you'll have everything you need except for the last 2 expansions (Mordor & Minas Morgul).

4. I have a main VIP account and have had it for 13 years. I have 4 additional accounts that alternate between being Premium or VIP. Currently for this entire year I have had all 5 as VIP accounts, so yes, I feel they are worth it, but of course to each their own. If you have additional emails and are motivated enough, you can also make additional accounts and have them on the same server as I do (and some others in the kin do this too) and make use of that monsterously huge COUPON and buy those 7 regions quick! Once the coupon and region sale ends, don't expect it to ever return again.

Hope all this helps! =)

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