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Kinship Etiquette Policies


It is from our experience in this game for 15 years that it is essential for kinsfolk (Kin means "Family" in case you did not know) to greet each other and to say goodbye. When you first login to the game and have finished loading, please GREET the kin. Whenever you see someone entering the game, give them time to load as the person will appear in chat sooner than their screen finishes loading and they won't see what they missed, please Greet them back. It's easy, it's quick and it's painless. This creates good will and comradery between us all. 

Always remember that every toon in the game is controlled by a real person, just like yourself. When you are logged in and playing, do you ever go AFK for a bio, snack, change the laundry, let the dog out, etc.? If you are deeply involved in battle and not born as a great multi-tasker, do you keep your eyes glued to the chat window at all times? Never get upset if a question is not answered or a greeting gets no replies. Everyone has a Real Life just as you do and their RL may also very well be much more busy than yours. Never assume that people will take time from the game to scroll up chat to see what they missed. If you do that, you are a rare gamer indeed.

Most of all, ALL OFFICERS should be observant of Kin Chat at all times if possible. As Officers, it is our obligation to greet kinnen, answer their questions and to help them when they need it. If we can't do that, then we are the same as regular kinsfolk with no responsibilities. 

If you ask for help and someone(s) offers to assist you, please treat them with courtesy, whether they are in the kin or not. They are doing you a favor by taking their time to come to your aid. Always remember that their playing time is every bit as valuable as yours.

Anytime that you are in non-kin chat, always remember that you are a representative of the WoC. If you want to have your non-kin permitted conversations there (political, religion, etc.), that's fine, but do not start attacking other people and being disrespectful as these are grounds for immediate dismissal. If someone does the same to you first, remember your ignore function.

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