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OFFICER RULES & Qualifications




1. Watch kin chat, greet the kin as they login (give them time to load), & respond to questions. You may not put any kinsfolk on ignore. You will work out the problem as an officer of the kin and if you cannot, then either step down as an officer or boot the kinsfolk with a detailed explanation as to whom & why in the Discord Officer Chat. It is always best to get any other officer's opinion, assuming there is one or more on at the time, before booting. Try to be as active as possible in chat. Also if you notice a kinsperson is not representing the kin well in WC, LFF, Trade, etc., you should caution them about it immediately and record the incident in Officer discord. 

2. Be willing to retrieve items other kinsfolk may need from kin chests, however not at the expense of your own personal game time. 

3. Be willing to use our Discord channel if possible, especially for group runs. 

4. Be willing to contribute items (crit-crafted gear, crafting mats, etc.) to the kin chests or craft items at no expense (save for rarer or expensive mats) for your fellow kinnen to use. 

5. Recruit new members! Remember to send them the Official WELCOME Note (copy & paste from the Officers Forum or Discord).

6. Try to organize as much group content runs as possible (raids, EBs, large & small fellowships, skirms, group missions, roving threats, deed runs, etc.).

*As most of us know, our kinship is based on the Table Round of Camelot. This means there is no head of the table and that Arrthur  recognizes all the officers as equal kin co-leaders. If you wish to become a kin leader (officer), you must get at least one Officer or kinsperson in good standing that has been in the kin for at least 4 months to sponsor (nominate) you and you should have been in the kin for at least 3 months. Exceptions can be made for exemplary demonstrations of leadership. Once that has been done, then a group of existing officers online will decide to vote you in. As always, we highly value all the kin officers for all that they do for our kinship!

If you have been AFG (Away from Game) for over 3 months, you may be demoted to kinsman once again. When you return, if you wish to be reinstated as Officer, get to know the new kinsfolk whom have joined since you were last with us, and check for any updates to kin policies. Once you are ready, we can restore your rank and privileges.

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