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Voice chat equipment tips.


Headsets Made Easy for Beginners and Intermediates

This forum post is a supplement for the new Do the Discord article on this website.

For the sake of everyone else who wants to chat on Discord, I strongly recommend a set of headphones with an attached microphone. Decent ones do not cost an arm or leg, and prevent annoying chat echo that happens when standalone mics pick up the sound of external speakers.

To make things easy, I recommend headsets that connect to your PC via a USB connection. Just as an example, these are less than thirty bucks and are top rated in their class.

Beexcellent USB Gaming Headset for PC, 7.1 Surround Sound Computer Gaming Headphones, PC Headset with Noise Canceling Mic Volume Control LED Light for PC Mac Laptop

They are totally plug and play, have their own internal sound managing hardware, and eliminates the need to disconnect/connect speakers/headphones every time you want to chat with the kin.

Switching between speakers and headphones that are always plugged in is easy once you know how to do it.

  1. Right click on the speaker icon on the lower right side of your taskbar.
  2. Select Open Sound settings in the menu that pops up.
  3. At the very top of the Windows Sound management window that opens is a Choose your output device drag down menu. Select either your usual speaker option....or your headphone name to swap between them.

This whole process takes four whole mouse clicks. If you can't manage four clicks, I'm not sure the rest of us want you along on high risk combat instances. Just sayin'.

While you have your sound settings open the first time, you should select your headset microphone in the Choose your input device drop down just below the output controls.

As long as Discord is set to default on both input and output in your account settings, swapping around shouldn't matter.


You can boost your Windows sound quality with this simple program that starts when you boot your computer and runs invisibly in the background.

Equalizer APO 1.2

The Configuration Editor gives you access to a preamp knob that cranks the volume up past Windows default max settings and an equalizer you can tweak your sound to your heart's content.

This single little program transformed a cheapie $15 headset into something that rivals $100+ equipment.

It's a quality of life tweak I can no longer live without. Ask me and I will help you with it.



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