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Here is a complete list of all the ingredients needed in order to make every guild reputation item at once. Note that there will be leftovers, because it is possible and probable that you will crit while making some of the ingredients. I would advise to sell those leftovers, because if you store them and try to use them the next time, chances are that you will be confused as to what you have to buy. They don't cost much anyway. You should keep only the farmer's mats leftovers (as they take time to make). Here is the list divided in two sections:
Vendor Items (Alphabetically):
10 Bags of Salt
1   Baking Seed
3   Bottles of Vinegar
2   Bottles of Savory Seasonings
19 Bottles of Water
15 Chicken Eggs
4   Cuts of Beef
1   Cup of Apple Juice
7   Cups of Fresh Cream3   Drops of Honey
8   Drops of Fine Clover Honey
3   Drops of Wildflower Honey
1   Handful of Mixed Nuts
2   Haunches of Venison
1   Lamp Kidney
6   Large Bottles of Milk
7   Lumps of Butter
1   Oxtail
2   Pork Shanks
2   Pouches of fine seasonings
1   Piece of Goat Cheese
1   Piece of Uncooked Bacon
3   Pinches of cinnamon
1   Pinch of Fresh Ginger
6   Pinches of Mixed Herbs
7   Pinches of mixed spice
2   Pinches of Shire Seasonings
5   Pinches of Pepper
1   Scoop of Lard
1   Stalk of Rhubarb
1   Uncooked Chicken
9   Uncooked Duckbreasts
Mats needed from a farmer (not alphabetically):
3   Bunches of Strawberries
10 Bunches of Blackberries
3   Bunches of Kingstead Mushrooms
9   Bunches of Leeks
2   Bunches of Pears
2   Bunches of Beans
15 Bunches of Turnips
2   Bunches of Cherries
4   Green Onions
6   Taters
3   Yellow Onions
4   Shire Apples
2   Heads of Cauliflower
6   Bundles of Mint Leaves
2   Royal Taters
3   Golden Shire Taters
24 Bundles of Spring Barley
2   Fresh Carrot
28 Bundle of Winter Barley
32 Bundle of Black Barley
6   Bunches of Rye Berries

Have fun cooking :D

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