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RARE DEEDS Easy for you to earn with Grand Rewards!!!


We have a special gift for all kinsfolk! There are 2 cartographer deeds that pay out great rewards and they are now available in the House of the Lady MARIAN in our BREE neighborhood in CONLIN (2 High Road)! Here is how it works. you must gain access with a specific OFFICER who has access to the chest. They will supervise as you place the maps of ERIADOR & the maps of MORIA in your bags. You will earn the following rewards...600 Marks! 20 LPs! A Large decor map of Eriador & a Large decor map of Moria! 1,200 Reputation Points with the Iron Garrison Miners (Moria) & a couple of deed titles! The officer must make sure that you return all 34 maps to the chest (23 for Eridor + 11 for Moria). You keep only your Large Wall maps of Eriador and of Moria that you earn for the 2 deeds. OFFICERS, is extremely difficult to obtain these maps...extremely make sure that none are lost, please!


We do everything that we can to be the best kin on Gladden and hope that this helps you all to have a better experience being part of our family! Enjoy!!!


Arrthur, Pounceth & all the Officers of the Round Table

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