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From time to time others have been looking for some crafting to be done, but didn't know who to go to. Personally I'd love to help anyone if I can and to that end I have used my Bio to list all of my Characters, their levels, crafting abilities etc. So if you "inspect" any of them and bring up the Bio you will know what I'm willing to do. You just have to send me a message. I have used the following format (This one is Ossifraga's):

Guild: Warriors of Camelot

Trade: Primary - Woodworker 

Alts: Fyresworn (Hunter 121) 
        Weaponsmith Westemnet (Guild - Eastemnet)

      Wyndsworn(Rune-Keeper 68)
        Scholar Minas Ithil (Guild - Master)

      Thunderfyre (Hunter 78)
        Tailor Minas Ithil (Guild - Master)

      Watersworn (Lore-Master 122)
        Jeweller Westemnet (Guild - Artisian)

      Ossifraga (Champion 130)
        Woodworker Westemnet (guild - Westemnet)

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