Hi All,

My name is Swanwic, a champion who has been away for a number of years but now retuend and slowly working my way through Gondor.

A lot has changed since I was last here (the post Dol Amroth grind got me) but back now and looking to see what Mordor and beyond look like - but not till I've cleared every area as well.

My main is Swanwic (Swan for short) and am a Westemnet Master Swordsmith, slowly working up the guild tree.

I have an alt stable representing every craft but woodworking, with the exception of scholar they are all Westemnet Guild Masters, my scholar (Halathelion L57 cappie in Moria) is working his way up that hill.

Happy to help, craft/provide mats when I have them and do stuff.  

See you around





Hello and welcome to the kin if you need anything at all please ask 


Welcome back, Swan! Looking forward to meeting you in kin chat or discord!

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