Our 8th Kiniversary (Kin Anniversary) Celebration is here!!!


All kin officers and kinsfolk please celebrate all day and all night for our weekend PARTY!!! Our official kin birthday is 4/6/21 but since that is a Tuesday, we are celebrating on 4/2 thru 4/4...the entire weekend (which is also the final weekend for the SPRING FESTIVAL). We thought it best to use the Fest to enhance the fun for the entire kin.


Please organize group deed runs, Raids, Skirms, Epic Battles, Party gatherings at our CASTLE & our MEAD HALL, freeze tag & anything we can do together in groups. Send out a kin mail about it if you are an officer, and if you aren't, get one to do it for you. Also add the event to the kin website if you can.


We can all work together to make our 8th Birthday the Best celebration in the WoC's history! HUZZAH!!!

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