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Hello Kin!  I've joined up in the Kin a week or two ago, but I apologize for not posting earlier!

I am Azahria in game as a hunter, Explorer;  Ladiama as RK, Tinker; Amazia as Minstrel, woodworker; and Leotna as Boerning, Armourer.  As you can see, I'm an altoholic! I'm also birthing a new Loremaster which will join up soon with you (Lilyama)

IRL, I played LOTRO in beta and for a couple years through Moria.  When it hit FTP, I gave it a break.  Back then I played pretty much all the time with my son.  We've played together all the well-known MMORG's, through his high school and college and now as a 40-something year old.  That makes me a 60-something year old. :-)  My son now doesn't have as much time as I do.  But he'll pop in now and then and play with me.  It's always nice and nostalgic when he does.  

I am a classical violinist and Covid put me out of work.  Hopefully soon that will resume and I won't have as much time.  But at the moment, I've got a lot of free time, and am very much enjoying coming back to the world of Middle Earth!  I am a casual player, and enjoy the questing experience very much.  I've never been enthusiastic about endgame raids and PVP, because it's just simply too stressful for me.  However, I do love to join up with other people for instances and group content during questing, and I hope there are others in the kin who also love the questing experience.

 Oh, and I'm "Tideland" on discord.





Tideland, you fit in perfect with a lot of the kin as we are a very diverse group. We are definitely not all endgamers, although some are and that's great too. Quite a few folks in their 60s as well, couples both married and not, father/daughter/mother/sister/son teams...etc. And a lot of us just like to quest as well. Welcome to the kin and we hope we will please you as your new Middle-Earth family!

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