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Our many Kin Halls & Houses containing donated items!


The following kin houses are now open to all Kinsfolk for helping when needed. They are in our original Kin neighborhood of CONLIN in the Bree-land Homesteads. Plus the kin MEAD HALL, the kin CITADEL in Erebor and large homes in Rohan & Gondor. Any donations to the kin should be put into these homes and if kinsfolk are in need, please search the below for them. DONATORS please make an attempt to put your donated items in the right chests, but if you don't have time, we understand and thank you for your care to your sisters & brothers in need. We need food, potions, oils, any gear that is purple or higher (no yellow, unless it is a Gold item), rep items, etc.

*****To split a stack of items so that you don't take more than you need and to leave the extras to your fellow kinsfolk in need, just drag the stack to an open slot in your bags, click on the stack and your Shift key. You will get a window that allows you to change the quantity and it will take that amount out of the stack and put it in another open slot in your bags. Then just return the remaining amount to the chest.*****


*The Kin CASTLE CAMELOT is in Gondor on an island of our own (Raenglad neighborhood)! Use the Travel to Kinship house to go there and craft, level up your skills on the training dummy, change your appearance at the barber, repair your gear and buy crafting supplies at a 20% discount off normal vendors! The chest at this location is for OFFICERS ONLY and contains level 50 Class Quest items, Teal or better gear & weapons, Reputation items and more! Available to all, just ask any Officer to have a look and they will send it to you!!!

*The Kin MEAD HALL in Rohan is at 1 Ridge Road (Daglingraf neighborhood). Use your Travel to Kinship Member's House and select ARRTHUR. The Mead Hall House Storage chest contains Potions & Purple Critical Gear (Armour, Jewellry, Weapons & Pocket Items). PLUS it also has a complete crafting center, vendor, banker, etc. as ALL of our kin houses do!!!

*The Kin CITADEL in Erebor is named PROTECTORS of CAMELOT and is at 4 Oakenshield Way (Sasekh-Kutnu neighborhood). Use your Travel to Kinship Member's House skill and select either FAEADAR (the closest) or  DAISII or REININAR alternatively to travel there! The chest there contains food, pots, purple critical gear and miscellaneous items!

*Our 3 Kin EMBASSY KIN HOUSES are located in the Elven Neighborhood (Falathlorn) of DOL-E-GUIL at 5 Waterbank Rd. named CHAMPIONS of CAMELOT. The Dwarven Neighborhood (Thorin's Hall) of BRANDFELL at 5 Roaring Rd. named SOLDIERS of CAMELOT. And the Hobbit Neighborhood (The Shire) of BUXTON at 5 Harrow Rd. named EXPOUNDERS of CAMELOT. All 3 Embassies chests will contain donated food, pots, purple critical armour or better, and other miscellaneous items!


*To travel quickly to CONLIN, which is 100% our Kin Neighborhood in Bree-Land, simply open your social panel, click KINSHIP, you may have to uncheck ONLINE and then look for LENGETHMORN or ELLRIK. Select either and click VISIT at the bottom of the panel.

House of GAWAINE at 2 Fountain St. (contains tailor/woodworker items)

House of KAYE at 1 Fountain St. (contains metalsmith/weaponsmith items)

House of LEONDAGRANNCE at 3 High Rd. (contains scholar/cook items + farm crits)

House of ELLRIK (Arrthur) at 3 Fountain St. (contains purple Critical armor/weapons/jewellery, some pocket items, & misc)

House of REXRANGER at 8 Chestnut St. (contains jeweller items)

House of MARIAN at 2 High Rd. is for Officers Only. It contains all the rare maps of Eriador & Moria. If you wish to get the deeds & rewards associated with those, the officer will have to accompany you and stay with you for the trading purposes. When you leave her house, the ONLY items from the chest you will have is a Large Map of Eriador & a Large Map of Moria. Please make sure no other maps are in your bags or you will destroy anyone else's chance of completing these deeds. Also within are the pages of the deed "The Journal of Captain Rabghul." AND "the Fortune Cookie" deed pages also!!! Ask any officer and they should be willing to help you unless they are heavily involved in a raid or fellowship.

*The Kin House of GUARDIANS of CAMELOT (5 Long Street) across the street from Lengethmorn's house in Conlin. Just visit Kinship Member's house to Lenge's place and turn around and there it is! This is an open chest for any kinsperson who wants to donate anything to their sisters & brothers in the kin. Any gear that is purple, teal or gold (no yellow/green gear unless it is level 100+), food, potions, rep items or whatever!

*The Kin House of AVENGERS of CAMELOT (1 High Rd.) across the street from MARIAN's home and use your Travel to Kin Member's House on her name to arrive quickly. This is also an open chest with many 1-Use Recipes and other items similar to the house above!


House of GWYNNIVERE in Rohan at 2 Ridge Rd. right next door to the Kin's MEAD HALL in the Dagelingraf Rohan Eastfold Neighborhood. Both the Mead Hall & Gwynnivere's House are open to all kinsfolk! Use your TRAVEL TO KINSHIP MEMBER'S skill and select either ARRTHUR or GWYNNIVERE from the kin Social Panel (you may have to uncheck the ONLINE setting). There is a Stable-master and Town Services (with a complete Task Board) in between the 2 homes for your convenience! Donated Food items are in Gwynnivere's House Storage & Potions are in the Mead Hall House Storage if you are in need. Plus also Purple Critical Gear (armour, jewellry, pocket items & weapons)!

House of KULL in Rohan at 4 Bay Rd. is easily accessed by travelling to the Kin's Castle CAMELOT, taking the boat to the mainland and going up the closest road, which is Bay. are open to all kinsfolk! OR use your TRAVEL TO KINSHIP MEMBER'S skill and select KULL from the kin Social Panel (you may have to uncheck the ONLINE setting). There is a Stable-master and Town Services (with a complete Task Board) in between the Castle & Kull's House for your convenience! Donated crafting shards are here in House Storage if you are in need. (Shared Housing Storage are the items located in 3 Fountain St.)

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