Kin Alliance LFF Channel: DRAGONSPEAK


Everyone should sign each toon that you have in the kin to the DRAGONSPEAK channel which will be used by our allies as a LFF chat channel. this is for 3/6 man fellowship quests, Roving Threats, skirms, epic battles and the like. 

We are doing this as a way to avoid the sometimes disastrous events when PUGing (Pick Up Group) that we get into when teaming up with strangers.

Just login to each character and type /joinchannel Dragonspeak (capital D) and hit Enter. this will create the channel on your chat as your default which is USER CHAT 1 (unless you have other created chats). After that, go to your System > Options > Chat, scroll down to USER CHAT 1 and change the colour to something different than the other chats so it is more noticeable. To type in Dragonspeak just typ /1 and then Enter.

Enjoy the benefits of our new Kin Alliance, the United Kins of Gladden!

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