LOTRO Handbook

TRAINING DUMMY STAND at our Castle & our Mead Hall


We now have a training dummy for your use at both the kin's island Castle & our Mead Hall for you to hone up your battle skills! HUGE HINT....

Use a skill and slayer deed bonus from the store and it unlocks your earning capacity for 90 minutes. that means you can earn your class deeds quicker as most of them only count 10 times per day!!!

The Training Dummy at the Kin Island Castle (CAMELOT) is inside, go left. To get there, use your TRAVEL TO KINSHIP HOUSE skill. And at the Kin Mead Hall, it is outside to the right of the front doors. To get there, open your social panel, go to the KINSHIP tab, unselect "Online" & click on ARRTHUR's name & click the VISIT button.

Enjoy the freedom of fast skill levelling and crush the forces of The Enemy...HUZZAH!!!

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