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The United Kins of Gladden alliance!!!


We are a charter member of THE UNITED KINS OF GLADDEN alliance whom have banded together with our fellow kins of renown with the objective of having better group runs and raids with people that we know and trust, as opposed to running with potentially unreliable PUGs (Pick-up groups). Whenever you see someone in our allied kins in world, please give them a Cheer to express our friendship with them! Joining us in this alliance of 19 kins are....

Black Bunny Army

Hope Alliance

Knights of Kingstead

Lost Legion of Dunharrow

Little Red Raiding Hoods

Keepers of Kingsfoil

Masters of Destiny

Old Timers Guild

Phantom Riders of Rushgore

Red Chicken

The Shire Loremasters

The Eastern Alliance (NOT the Rage Quitters they split from)

The High Council

United Ones

The Refridgerraiders

Ghost Raiders

Keepers of the Spoon

Shadows of Elendilmir


*In addition to our varied Discord Channels and a shared Raid channel on Discord, we also use our own LFF chat channel. To join it just type /joinchannel Dragonspeak and to communicate in it just type /1 and then the spacebar. You may want to change the colour of the channel to make sure it looks different from your other chat channels.


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