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yule fest guide (after intro)


arrive at winterhome talk to the stable master-stolen treats.this quest can be completed by visiting horechel and the misty mountains

here are 10 easy-to-do quests with very little backtracking very little competing with others for resouces and no waiting around for the theater event to unfold.



talk to Mara Sandydowns and get the wrapper quests

talk to guard Kemper and get 2 quests moving them out and abominable snow beast

talk to Barret Nowell by the wall

talk to Ted Uvers by the lightpost down the street

talk to Daley Uttredge get quest cold as Ice further down the street(cap)

talk to Garret Rust get quest making mischeif

talk to Regina Judson across from the allety that leads to the theater

talk to Jack Judsin by t he theater

talk to Bill Hyde down the steps near the oven

talk to Basil Wyndham get 2 quests empty keg emergency and tidying up

talk to Mabel Mitford get two quests stuffing the stuffed and unwilling firewood

go up the stairs and set off the fireworks

go downstairs and loot the patrons

bus the tables behind the patrons

turn the corner and bus the tables(scarf)

go upstairs and bus the tables(pipe)

bus the tables at thetop of the staurs to the left

go to the oven. click it three times 

turn around and get a keg then run to the last table you bussed and jump over the wall by the red banner. run to the thirsty patron liring on the keg

go around the corner and talk to Basil Wyndham turn in two quests tidying up and keg emergency

talk to Garret Rust. turn in making mischeif near Daley Uttredge

talk to Daley Uttredhe get quest a charitable spirit

go left talk to Regina Judson

talk to Jack Judson

talk to Bill Hyde

talk to Ted Uvers

talk to Barett Nowell

talk to guard Kemper turn in moving them out

talk to Mara Sandydowns turn in her quest

follow road out of town to the mushroom tents= get 5 mushrooms

go out the back of the tent and find a snowbeast as you approach the emote button will appear in you quest tracker. clicj 3 times.

head north to the lake get wildberries

kill 4 grim on the lake

continue north and kill nine grumpy trees

head east and collecy five eggs from chicken nests (carrot)

talk to Vincent Greenfield on the way back to town

select a snowman to build

acorns and sticks and carrot are nearby. other items are in town..

enter town from the back entrance.

talk to Daley Uttredge turn in cold as ice and a charitable spirit

talk to Mabel Mitford turn in stuffing the stuffed and unwilling firewood

gather items for snowman and build it at a snow pile outside town

talk ti Vincent Greenfield

talk to guard Kemper. turn in abomiable quest

talk to Mara Sandydowns. turn in wrapper.


snowman items locations

top hat is atop the lamp post near guard kemper

cap is near daley uttredge

mittens are next to theater entrabcee

scarf is acrss from thirsty patron

coal is by the oven

pipe is by the upper level bussing tables third batch if you follow this guide.

sticks and acorns bear snowman field

carror is at chicken coop.

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