The REAL Inn League Trial and Anniversary Mead Hall Party



Let’s show those hobbits that they aren’t the only ones who can drink! Join us at the Party Tree in the Shire for the REAL Inn League Trial on Saturday April 2 at 9pm EDT/6pm PDT where we will toast in real life after our game characters have drunk their ale at each stop. Choose your drink at home (wine, beer, soda, juice or any combination) and do a shot at each location along the route in the Shire. Hard liquor drinkers, I recommend only a half shot as this will be 7 shots in roughly 30 minutes, and we want you to still be able to play the game afterwards.  =D

Following our Inn League Trial, around 10pm EDT/7pm PDT on the same Saturday, we will head to our Mead Hall at the kinship neighborhood in Rohan for our Anniversary Party! Join us while we hang out in the mead hall and chat in the Kin Lobby on discord as well as in kin chat in game. We can have snowball fights in the yard, splash around in the fountains or try our luck drinking from the multiple kegs in the basement. Will you just get a little tipsy from the kegs or will you find yourself so drunk that you pass out and wake up somewhere else… probably without your pants.

To reach the Mead Hall, open your social panel, click the KINSHIP tab, select Arrthur (you may have to uncheck the ONLINE setting), and click VISIT at the bottom of the social panel.


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