New Kin Band Starting soon


Hello Kin Folk, 

The Warriors of Camelot is getting a new band. Gladden server is blessed to have a lot of good bands so lets plan to make ours unique. Ill be editing Midi files to convert to ABC files to play on instruments in lotro. 

If you're interested in joining/contributing the band or have song requests. Please Send In Game IM or mail to Kaossilator/Kaossil, you can also send request via Kin Website or Discord. 

You don't need a Mini, all classes are welcome to play. You can use Lute or the class instrument.

No prior Music knowledge is required, just be willing to practice. 

Soon we will schedule Band Practices and Jam Sessions, so get your Lutes Tuned and lets have some fun.

Future plans include Public and Kin Concerts. 

If you'd like to research more on music in lotro, check out this site. They are from Gladden server as well and know a lot of music scores.

Also feel free to check out my original music on YouTube

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