Our 9th Kiniversary Celebration!!!

  1. WoC's 9th Annual Kiniversary 2022 Schedule
  2. *Officers will run group quests, skirms, raids, RT runs, EBs and more throughout the celebration. Groups will form spontaneously and depending on whom is online at any given time. If you wish to donate coin or prizes to be awarded throughout the various events, send them all to Gwynniere.
  3. *Friday 4/1/22 RUNNING OF THE CHICKENS begins preparations at 9 PM EST to depart at 9:30 EST (see Ariel in advance to make sure that you are ready if you wish to run as a chicken. If you wish to follow the fun and help protect the chickens, appear as you are at this time.
  4. Saturday 4/2/22 WoC FASHION SHOW will begin when Opal is ready at (**) EST. Break out your best Armour, suits, dress, costume to compete for prizes!!!
  5. *Saturday 4/2/22 REAL Inn League Contest and subsequent Kin Saturday Party at our Mead Hall! Begin gathering at 8:30 PM for a commencement at 9:00 PM. Have your favorite poison available even if it contains no alcohol!
  6. *Sunday 4/3/22 HOBNANIGANS Competitions + GROUP QUESTING, SKIRMS, EBs, RTs, RAIDS & DEED RUNS! All day long!!!
  7. *Monday 4/4/22 Spring Festival Madness!!! Freeze Tag in the Bree Festival Grounds + Horse Races, Maze Running & any other craziness we can think of as a group!
  8. *Tuesday 4/5/22 WoC Hide & Seek Competition! Are the best hider? Are you the best seeker? Find out as we play in multiple locations to be announced at the event!
  9. *Wednesday 4/6/22 WoC 9th Kiniversary Parade!!! Wear outrageous costumes, grab your hobby horses & be ready with your Fishslap emotes as we do our best Monty Python and the Holy Grail shenanigans throughout the city of Bree! Followed by a party-tour of the kin's CAMELOT (The Gondorian Island Castle), The Erebor Citadel, The Rohan Mead Hall, and our kin village of Conlin in Bree-land!!!

sure was fun!!!!


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