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Hi all,

Me and two of my friends have recently come back to LOTRO and were looking to join the guild. We are all good, laid back people who have experience with MMOs and are having a blast leveling up new characters and seeing the sights as we go.

My character name is Graverjack and I'm currently a 36 (or 37...too early to quite remember) burglar. My friends are Shaedlyn, a 30-something Warden, and Stonisong who is a 20ish Ministrel.

Appreciate it and please let me know if you need anything else!



To get recruited into the kin, just open your Social Panel which is defaulted on the Fellowing tab. In the Filter, type the word CAMELOT and everyone who is online in the kin at that time will show up. Of course, people are many times either AFK or too busy fighting for their lives, so pick a few people to send a tell to and ask to speak to an Officer online. They will get you recruited & welcomed! Looking forward to seeing you in the WoC!


Thanks Arrthur! Appreciate it!

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