Our 10th Kinship Anniversary Celebration Is Here!!!


This year, our Kin Anniversary Celebration will be taking place from Sunday, April 2nd through Saturday, April 8th. We have a variety of events planned, most of which we will be running twice daily. Here is our schedule & we hope to see you there!!

All times listed are the server times on Gladden

Sunday, April 2nd

1pm and 10pm- Chicken Run to Rivendell and Erebor (meet at Sandson's Farm in the Shire, please have either the "Flying the Coop - Trollshaws" or "There and Bawk again" quest available for you to accept)

4pm - Concert by Kaoss & Ruin at the Kin Castle Island Stage (Tol Faluthi, Raenglad neighborhood, Cape of Belfalas Housing)

Monday, April 3rd

12pm (noon) and 10pm- Fashion Show at the Kin Castle Island followed by a Hobby Horse Race (Tol Faluthi, Raenglad neighborhood, Cape of Belfalas Housing

Tuesday, April 4th

12pm (noon) and 10pm - Kinmembers' Housing Crawl, show off how you've decorated your house(s) (contact Arrthur to be put on the tour list)

Wednesday, April 5th

2pm - Race up the Beacon of Eaworth (contact Lengethmorn in game for details)

3pm and 10pm- Hide & Seek (Conlin neighborhood, Breeland Homesteads)

Thursday, April 6th

12pm (noon) - Parade through Bree, get your fishslap emotes & favorite pet/pet with fireworks ready

8pm - Concert by Kaoss & Ruin at the stage in Bree near the Prancing Pony

10pm - Parade through Bree

Friday, April 7th

Kinship Only Event

Saturday, April 8th

1pm - Relay Race Across Eriador (contact Drachunter in game prior to April 7th, 1pm server time for details & to sign up) Due to lack of participants, event has been cancelled

10pm - Freeze Tag at the ruins near the Breeland Festival Grounds


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