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Well, was looking for a new MMORPG, digged around youtube saw intro on LOTRO and seems still populated and seems fun, so downloaded it.... Randomly picked a server end up is "Gladden", during the installation saw the advertising about level 140 limited time offer. so after installed the game, bought the 140.... then entered the game, found is totally different compare to other mmorpg.... super confused. Hope to find a guild that have some players willing to teach a new new player from scratch... thx.


Welcome to the WoC! To get recruited into the kin, just open your Social Panel which is defaulted on the Fellowing tab. In the Filter, type the word CAMELOT and everyone who is online in the kin at that time will show up. Pick a few people to send a IMS to. We get new folks all the time and the kin loves to offer advice. Our discord has a bunch of short instructional videos that are entertaining to watch as well.


Will do ! Thank you for your warm welcome!

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