From Tianwise

This post is from Tianwise.  He asked me to post it on his behalf:
Salutations and Greetings to all Kinsfolk.
My name is Brendan Venimore (feel free to Google me) but many of you know me by my main in-game character Tianwise, the crazy female Hobbit Brawler.
I am here to make an announcement and to ask for some help.
Years ago, pre-Covid, I had the idea to start up a Lord of the Rings based tourism business here in New Zealand; partly due to being a fan of Tolkien, partly due to wanting to start something fun for the tourists that already travel to New Zealand for a Middle-Earth experience.
Covid arrived and shut our world down, especially international tourism, so the idea was put back into the box to be examined at a later date.
Now that the world is becoming somewhat more normal I have decided, after some friendly nudging from friends, to dust off the idea and see if it was still viable.
I am happy to say that it is, but there are some obstacles to overcome, mainly getting permission from the Tolkien Foundation, they control world-wide permissions for anything Tolkien related.
To aid my proposal I have sought out a chance to present my concept to Weta Workshop here in Wellington, and have been granted that opportunity.
To do this right I am seeking donations to help me raise a business development fund to pay for market research, concept art and other expenses.
If you are will to help me bring to reality this enterprise I am asking people to donate $5, $10 or $15 to the attached bank account number.
What do you get in exchange, you might ask.
Best I can offer at the moment is that when/if you make a donation please include in the reference your main character name from Lotro and when/if the business is started all donators will be engraved on a wall at the entrance and listed as Ancestors, $5 = Dwarven, $10 = Elven, $15 = Hobbit (best race of course, not biased... lol ).
Also all donators will be invited to join a Facebook page I have created, that way you will be kept updated on developments, changes and will be able to make suggestions etc. 
IF THE BUSINESS DOESN'T START? : lets hope this never becomes the case, any money left in the account will be donated to a charity, that charity will be decided based on a poll to be run on the WoC website, and the donation would be on behalf of the entire Kinship.
IF YOU WANT TO DONATE MORE? : Well, I cannot stop you. However if you wish to donate more: 1/ Please do not use money that isn't need for rent/food etc. 2/ Anyone who does donate more I plan to give a VIP status for the experience, T-Shirt, etc.... admittedly details area bit vague at the moment but definitely they will get recognition.
Ok, enough words from me and thank you for taking the time to read this.
Much appreciation from
Tianwise aka Brendan Venimore
Here is a bank account I have generated to accept any donations:
Send via paypal:
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