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Hello! I am new to the kinship


I just joined with my Hunter, Beladonil.  She is currently level 55 and her crafting skills are the Forester/Tailor/Prospector arc at level Westfold (if I remember correctly).  I am happy to offer crafting services for whoever needs.

I have solo'ed my entire game time in LOTRO except for an occasionally duo so I am lacking in the finer art of fellowship play.  I would love to help wherever I can but please be patient with my fellowship/group play as I learn the ropes!



Welcome to the kin, Bela! One of the "hidden" rules or benefits of this game is that it rewards extra XP and drops of people who gather in fellowships. We try to make people aware of it with the occasional kinship letter and it is also on this website as a tip in the forums, but most people still don't know about it. The reason that the game does this is that all the novels are based on fellowships. Try to group with others of your similar level and let them know that this is the reason why you would like to fellow, for your mutual benefits. You will gain a circle of friends that will grow in level with you as you crawl your way up to endgame and the tons of kinsfolk that have already gotten there! Let us know if we can ever help you with anything as the officers are here to help you grow!

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