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Hello! Returning member looking to get back in!


Hi all!

I was a member of the guild earlier in the year but took a break from LOTRO for a bit. My character's name at the time was Graverjack.

The new Mariner class pulled me back so I created one and jumped back on the game. I wasn't sure the process needed to get back into the guild with my new character but thought this was a good place to start.  :)

Please let me know what is needed to re-join and I will gladly do it. My new character's name is Alonagan, the man Mariner (or at least that's what they tell me.)




To get recruited into the kin, just open your Social Panel which is defaulted on the Fellowing tab. In the Filter, type the word CAMELOT and everyone who is online in the kin at that time will show up. Of course, people are many times either AFK or too busy fighting for their lives, so pick a few people to send a tell to and ask to speak to an Officer online. They will get you recruited & welcomed! Looking forward to seeing you in the WoC!


Thanks Arthur! Appreciate the information and good to talk again. See you (and everyone else in the guild) soon! image

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