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November '23 is our month of thanks & rebuilding!


Well met, all kind kith and kin! November is a traditional month of thanks for many, and we are thankful to all the wonderful officers and kinsfolk who have helped build the WoC over the past decade into what it is today! As some of you recall, my account was hacked into a few months ago and the person's mail (if only) goal was to delete about 1/2 of our kin from our roster. While that issue has been somewhat resolved, SSG could not restore those whom were booted.

We were, and perhaps still are, one of the largest kins in Gladden and we feel this is due to our longevity, our active desire to be an international kinship for knights & ladies all over the world, and are support in every aspect of the game, not just focusing only on a couple or one goal, but all goals in the game!

For the month of November, we are announcing the Great Recruitment Drive! We ask that all kinsfolk, not just officers, help us to rebuild and restore our ranks to our full glory! When you meet someone kinless, in a tiny kin no one ever hears from (probably a one-person kin that exists only to have a kin house), or even larger kins where they may be happier with us since we offer so much more than other kins do...tell them a little about us! We have folks on 24/7 and have a huge group of helpful kinsfolk...who wouldn't want that? Do not try to recruit anyone from our UKG Raid Alliance (see our Discord for the list), but everyone else is fair play!

For every person you recruit into the kin, you will be rewarded with a gold piece and at the end of the month, top recruiters will get an extra bonus bounty! Send a letter to Arrthur letting him know who you recruited so he can tally the totals for each kinsperson. Pick a main toon so that your totals are applied to you and not spread out among your alts. Thank you again for all that you do to make us the #1 kinship in Gladden!


Great work Arthur I'll be sure to invite a few I find. Hopefully we can refill those ranks ASAP annd restore WoC.

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