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Greetings All!


Greetings all, 

I'm a Tony that lives in South Lake Tahoe and works at one of the biggest ski resorts in North America. I have been in F&B for a long while now with no signs of changing course. I have been a gamer since Gary Gygax put out some handbooks on roleplaying in '77. I still remember that monster manual.  Over the years I have played so, so many computer games. I got turned on to LOTRO just before Moria was released in 2008, 9/4/2008 to be exact I just looked at my account.  I just keep coming back to lotro in between all the other games out there. I was a member of Dragon Snacks for a while, but they all abandoned the game shortly after the big 'free to play' move. Plus I've taken large stretches away from the game so my continuity isn't all there. 

Anywho, I can grind with the best of them, I can DPS like a maniac and I am a pretty good strategist. I am not the best at following chat, slow typist, and I am really used to soloing so I often don't think of fellowing up. I hate the Warhorses can't wrap my head around how to drive them. I have some MUCH loot (crap) in my storage. Not sure why I keep every version of every present on every toon.


Hit me up!

All my toons on Gladden:

Accepted in Kin:

Thrillion, Male Man Champion 138 Metalsmith at Gundabad  (mid levels tailor) 

Davijones, Female Hobbit Mariner 46 Forrester/Tailor/Woodworker - Artisan

The rest of the gang:

Wyldwarden, Female Man Warden 131 Farmer/Forrester/Woodworker Gundabad level

Thrillsniper, Female Hobbit Hunter 130 Cook/Farmer - Westfold

Thrillsneaker, Male Hobbit Burgler 120 Prospector/Weaponsmith/Woodworker Westfold

Thrillfystr, Male Hobbit Brawler, 109 Prospector/Jeweller Ironfold level

Thrillskin, Female Beorning 105 Explorer low level

Embo, Male Hobbit Warden 45 Scholar low level


Thrillion Jones




Hail Tony! Thanks for the intro, and I think that you will fit in perfectly with us. There are a bunch of us whom are 50+ so we have gone through similar experiences as you have. We hope that you will visit us often when not out in pursuit of the next shiny that captures your attention, but again, you are not alone there either as we have numerous members who do the same thing. The important thing is there is a core group of us who call this online world home and we never leave so we keep the kin alive and thriving. That we, we'll still be here when you return! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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