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Sunday RAID FunDay


Hello Kin!


I'm typically off work on Sundays and I would love to start a regular cadence of Raids or Instance Clusters. Perhaps this is already a thing and I just need to tune in or perhaps we need an organizer. Either way, I'd love to step up to the plate. My Champ, Thrillion, is knocking on 149's door, I should hit 150 tonight or tomorrow after work. Thrillion is my main since 2008 so I have some Champion experience....soloing around. I've got Moria - Rohan content under my belt, but I kinda grinded through past Helms Deep, Mordor, 3 Peaks, Gundabad just solo leveling. So I would love to experience that content. I can do the Watcher in my sleep though so that might help some. Hit me up in chat or in this thread.




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