Thanks for allowing me to join you in Lotro. It will be good to be in a kin that has active players again. Loved my old guild, but over time most of us quit. Returning to an empty space felt empty.

A bit about myself. I started this game when it first went live and made the best gaming purchase of my life by buying a lifetime VIP account. Since then I have come and left many times. I am an aged gamer, so raids and such are not my cup of tea. My current fixation is on doing the epic story on various toons, I have about 25. My "main" is the hunter that joined the kinship.

I do love missions. They are short, which works for me. Hopefully I will get to push on some delvings and three person instances with the kin.

Being away as much as I have my legs are bad. That combined with a not so great player can make life interesting in game for those that are brave enough to venture out with me.

Again, thanks for invite and now I can silently slip away to lurk in the shadows.


Welcome! Your self description mirrors that of much of the kin so you will find like-minded folks to form bonds with. We are pleased that you have joined us on this epic journey!

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