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Our standing on crafting for Kinsfolk.


Some of you are crafters and some are not. It is very important to understand that everyone who plays the game gathers crafting materials & critical success items in the game as they quest. These are hides, ores, woods, etc. and all types of ingredients needed in the crafting of the best gear, consumables, weapons, jewelry and more for your characters. 

We all play this game as entertainment and no one is paid money to be a crafting officer in this world. To collect the materials needed to craft the best weapons, armour, jewelry, whatever takes a lot of time and effort in obtaining them (called farming) as well as a lot of time processing the items into the materials actually needed to make said gear. In addition to this, many items require the additional purchases of vendor items to make said gear, weapons, jewelry, potions, foods, etc. which means the crafter has to spend the coin they earned from questing, again....spent their own real time gathering. Bottom line here, instead of vendoring valuable crafting materials or putting them in the Auction Hall, PLEASE consider what the crafting officers have been spending on you when they make great gear for you and help replenish their supplies for the time and efforts they have made for you. It's all part of being a KINSHIP!




Ravenzil will do her best to devote at least one day/week gathering low-end materials for the kinship cause. She has certainly benefitted from the efforts of others in this kinship.


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