The WoC : Who we are & our History


The character name is Arrthur. A subscriber since January, 2008 and a life-long Tolkien Lore fanatic, I played this game continuously through the years and have loved every minute of it! Originally I played on other servers, most of which no longer exist. I transferred to Gladden when the great server consolidation happened. Playing in other kinships taught me what to do, but even more importantly, taught me what NOT to do in kin leadership as most of them fail before a year's time.

As much as I love the Tolkien lore, I have always been a gigantic Arthurian Mythos fan (you should see my book collection, ha!). I often pondered how the 2 would be if merged and thanks to Dungeons & Dragons (the original game, not the MMO), my friends and I mixed up all of our favorite worlds from Fantasy.

On April 6th, 2013 I founded this kinship with the basic concept that the kingdom of Camelot was a city of Gondor, and thus The Warriors of Camelot were born! Arrthur's predecessors believed as he does, that Camelot should be an example to all on how Man, Elf, Dwarf and Hobbit can all live and work together for a common purpose of civilized unity. Besides the Knights of Camelot, there are also many Enchanters, Hunters and even Spies (necessary when bordering on regions such as Mordor) who protect the nation and all of her allies of the Free Peoples. Together all...they are the Warriors of Camelot, who current regent, Arrthur Pendragon, sits at the Table Round...not at the head of. All the Leaders of the WoC work together in the matters of state for the embetterment of all!

We are a Light Role-Play kinship which means we make subtle attempts at RP in chat whenever we can, but it is not required. We are an all-aspects kin which is designed for the casual joy for all involved. We embrace Questing & Deeding, PvMP, Raiding, Crafting, etc. with a few simple rules.

1. Avoid inflammatory topics in all chat, including World Chat, as you are representing our kinship even if you are not an officer. Things that are considered as potentially "inflammatory" are topics that people have dramatically different beliefs and opinions of. Therefore do not initiate or reply to topics such as Politics, Religion, Personal Lifestyles and genders, etc. We are all here to escape the pressures of RL (Real Life) and to not bring them here as well. Please also make an attempted effort to avoid language that others may find offensive. Try to put yourselves in other's boots and consider how you may feel if the situation were to be reversed.

2. Always remember to consider everyone as an equal. We ALL have very busy real lives and our time is every bit as valuable as yours is. An important aspect of this game is Crafting and to have crafted items (always the best gear in the game with few exceptions) is a goal that everyone should have. "Farming" crafting items takes time, a LOT of it. Whenever you need someone to craft for you, you must try to get the mats needed for the person making the items for you. If you don't want to do that then offer the crafter coin for their time and efforts. We have a lot of great people in the kin who may make things for you out of the kindness in their hearts but just remember...if you are levelling up your crafting abilities, it is YOUR responsibility to get out their and farm your mats just like everyone else does.

3. Our final "rule" is to have fun! Immerse yourselves into the richest lore of any Fantasy world ever created. Make sure to do the Epic storylines as your character matters and The Fellowship of the Ring can't succeed without you! Remember to Fellowship up with your kinmates always & often as this game is like the world it is based's all about Fellowships and this game, unlike other MMOs, gives you bonus XP when you group up!!!



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