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Hi! I'm new here


I'm a longtime (since 2009, I think) player. I got tired of soloing, so here I am. I'm a Level 65 Elf Hunter, crafting as a Woodsman (Farmer, Forester and Woodworker). I am Level 7, Westfold, in all. I'm currently doing the Epic Quest, Volume II, Book 9, Chapter 16. I'm eager to join up on Fellowships and Raids, but have no experience doing so.

Due to issues in RL (work full-time, and full-time caregiver to a very sick friend), I will go many days (or weeks) between play sessions. Do not be discouraged/insulted if I do not respond to posts/requests in a timely manner. I'll respond when I next log in.

Looking forward to meeting and playing with all of you.

Take care, and be safe.



My online name is Rubegorn....not sure why it didn't show name as poster

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