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Hello, looking forward to getting to know you all


Hi there,

My IRL name is Shayne. I still use my old nerdy handle from years ago, Ebon Phoenix in most of my gaming stuff. I have been away from LOTRO for a long time (before Mirkwood release) and have returned recently after some fond memories came up playing Shadows of War. Most of my toons are stuck somewhere on Elendilmir. I've since started 4 new ones (fellow altaholic here). Currently I joined the guild with Frejariel, my captain I'm focusing on primarily for now. 

I tend to be a casual player, and at this point am enjoying the walk through memory lane and am looking forward to exploring the new stuff. 

If you see me online, please don't hesitate to say hi. With some planning, I'd be interested in raiding etc.

Take care,



We are so glad to have you join us and hope that we can share many grand adventures with you in the future...welcome back to Middle-Earth!!!

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