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Hey everyone


Hey there 

Im Pete live in Brisbane Qld Australia

Im a lifetime member of lotro of over 13yrs played strong for first 8 yrs and took almost 5 yrs off im now back and have chosen to use time here on gladden server.

I have chosen this kin upon a fb recommendation. How do i go about adding my toons to kin.

I only olay casually now n then but would enjoy grinding away with some people or helping out and learning all the new biz thats out there i currently have lvl95 champ, lvl 73, hunter, lvl 70 LM,  lvl23 RK, have lvl 120 mini and burg which i advanced only because i had a 105 mini on diff server and they wouldnt transfer him so i used my zillions of lotro pts to just get one back up there so i can use.

My first main was a mini and loved doing raids and groups for heals back in the day.

Be great get back into that one day but for now like to get to know u all and have some fun around the trapscheers






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