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Requests for Help: Ninja Invites & IMS


It is of paramount importance that everyone is on the same page here. We all play this game as a source of recreation & relaxation. Everyone plays as differently as people are unique, so is their gameplay. It is very important that all understand that no Officer is paid for anything that they do for the kin. It is important to understand that every officer has their own goals and objectives. We will help if we are not busy, but our priority is to ourselves. It is why most of us pay a monthly fee. This is our entertainment, not our job. 

The only requests for help must come in kin chat. Ninja invites are never acceptable nor are IMS tells. If a kinsfolk is willing to be pulled away from their paid-for entertainment (and we all pay even if not VIP with the time we spend on earning LP) then we will gladly help. 

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