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sorry i'm late


 hey there guys Hunferth here, I was recruited about a week ago, but only now I have found "time" to visit the kin website. my character is a hunter from Bree-land , and for those who like a bit of role-play here's my in-game biography XD 

Hunferth is a hunter from Trestlebridge, a small town between Bree-land and the North downs. 

 he got captured by a group of half-orcs from the south, in the vale of Andrath. 

 he was traded to the blackwolds and saved by Strider while he was looking for Frodo.  Hunferth saw how a Nazgûl pierced Amdir the ranger and how this one turned into a wraith.

 He is one of the few Hunters who still keep an eye in the lands arround Bree, and defend it against the new threat coming from the north.


I wish you all a good gaming exp. and have fun 

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