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Kind Kith & Kin, we have a kinsman who joined us back in the beginning of November, 2021 who is a hugely passionate Middle-Earth fan and he is also a quadriplegic individual. He understands his limitations when visiting the beautiful lands of Arda and we ask that our honourable kinsfolk help their brother out when you can. Remember, the game always rewards you with bonus XP when you are fellowshipped up so it's beneficial for all!

Rem is able to use his keyboard slowly so typing is difficult for him, but not impossible. He uses Discord to help. If you do not have a microphone, you can type to him in fellowship chat and he will respond by voice. Yes, you can use our discord to hear even if you can't talk. He can not use a mouse so all the game functions that require that, he can not do.

He is not picky and understands that his limitations means that he must follow whomever is volunteering to let him tag along with them. Thus, you do your quests, share them with him if you can, and if you can't, he can at least work on his slayer deeds if nothing else. Also he has to briefly go AFK every 2 hours to be turned and get a drink of water, but it doesn't take long. Thank you very, very much to any and all kinsfolk whom are willing to have a good-natured tag-a-long as you adventure your way through Arda!

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