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Greetings from Tirienne


Hello everyone, and thank you to  those who have already welcomed me in-game. This is the first kin I've ever been in so I'm coming in with the intention of starting slow. Occasionally I even follow my intentions. My main, who has already joined the kin, is Tirienne, a 140 minstrel and scholar. I have about a billion alts and someday most of them will probably join as well, or not, hard to tell. (In the meantime, we all have the same surname, and therefore are readily identifiable in the wild. Try to collect them all!)

I'm not super into the end-game rat race; my passion is leveling toons and I'm hoping to help others do the same. 

See y'all in-game! 

Tirienne Stormwind, Heroine of the Lost


...and Weesel Saver =)

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