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My Rules for Discovery and Slayer Deed runs.


This is NOT a kin rule. I am posting this so that I can copy and paste it in chat before doing one of these runs. Feel free to use it if you agree with this method.

While on this run, if there is a Discovery that you need, let us know and we will go to it. As far as slayer deeds are concerned, you must attempt to keep the rest of the group inside of your mini-map as if they go outside of it, they/you may/may not benefit from the kills that your fellows no wandering off!

Exception to this rule, if you have quests that you need to complete and turn in, you may do so BUT do not expect the group to go with or to wait on you to do so. This is for the group and not the individual. If you leave to do this, you are on your own, and if we are finished with a mob by the time you return, we will likely move on to the next critters to kill.

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