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A = ALUYENIA, not me. This was sent to me by the kinsperson so I am sharing it here as it may be very helpful to many of us!

So, embers of Enchantment are really good for high level gear, especially if the person doesn't do any/many raids. They can be earned from the weekly Gundabad missions and some other ways...BUT, how many folks know that there is a couple NPC's in Ered Mithrin/Skarhald that can provide Dwarrowgleaam shards and 1000 Embers??

Dwarrowgleam Shards are used by any 140 level crafters who are at least at the IRONFOLD Tier (T12 I think) to make Ember-Worthy Crafts. The Shards are a reward for the 1st and 2nd level quests "Reclaiming the Grey" which is automatically provided weekly for doing the 4 Daily Quests from NPC "Strhek The Stout". So each 140 level toon can get two shards a week (I have 5 toons, that's 10 Shards). Now it takes 7 shards to make enough to get the NPC "Mozhek" (these NPC's are right next to each other) to do weekly Craft for Embers quests,

Doing the Shard/Ember quests can be a slow grind time wise, but the Shards are also available in the "Rare Crafting Component Box" available in the LOTRO Store, 95 points each (they were just on sell for 50% off)/395 Points for 5.

For thos folks who might have a few Points to spend, you can get plenty of shards (I have over 200).

So 1000 Embers per week per level 140 toon. Something that could help folks get pretty damn good gear.

Thanks, Aluy

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