New Recruits Post Here

Newish and confused lol


New to the guild and not new to Lotro, i used to play back when turbine owned lotro. when it comes to new mechanics and or instances i have no clue at all so please help when you can haha


Welcome back to LOTRO and welcome to the WoC! We know that there is a lot to this game so we have a crafting section on our Discord, as well as class guides and guides to the gameplay in general. All can be found in the bottom channels of the kin's discord. In addition to notes put in by veteran players, you will also find short, entertaining tutorial videos on each subject as well.

Make sure to favorite on your computer as it will almost always answer any query that you may have about anything, including quest walkthroughs if you get stuck along the way, not knowing what to do next.

Finally, if all else fails, ask questions in kin chat. That's what we are there for is to try and help you with your questions. Just remember that everyone is their for their own fun & relaxation, are sometimes frequently AFK taking care of their own RL day to days, or in combat, fighting for their toon's life. So if you don't get an answer, try to not take it personally. =)

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