R.I.P. Raven


We have lost one of our own, the officer known to us a RAVEN. Since 1976 a fellow Princeton High student became a friend even though he was graduated at that time. I had seen him around in the halls but didn't get to know him and Graydon (brother of @theGeeb) until a couple other friends, A couple close friends got me into Graydon's Dungeons & Dragons game. From there, the rest is history. Ron was an artist in many ways and in many forms. He was a scholar steeped in the knowledge of history, both real and in the worlds of fantasy such as the many pantheons of ancient gods, Arthurian legends, the works of JRR J.R.R. Tolkien and countless others. He knew all the trivia of Marvel & DC Comics, and all Sci-Fi TV shows & movies...and all of this barely touched the tip of the iceberg. Always quick with a subtle joke or pun, a computer became another gaming tool with him as if he had time for it with all the MMORPGs, Tabletop miniatures campaigns, boardgames...all of which he was a master of, earning the respect and admiration of all of his peers. He was even a co-worker of mine at Ral Partha & Citadel miniatures, and we did the convention circuit together. Always a joy to have him around, he will be missed by many, especially his wife, , and their 4 children (cats). We all have different beliefs in what comes next, but for a guy like Ron who never hurt anyone, physically, financially or otherwise, I hope that I will be blessed enough to go to the same place and to be able to hang out with him again. R.I.P. Ron , who passed while holding his wife's (Weesel) hand.


Very sorry to hear this. Rest in peace to, by all accounts, a great man.

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