Thank you for the invite to Warriors of Camelot!

My name is Twelfth but you can also call me Josh. I have played games my entire life, starting on the home computer at around 3 years old. I have put the most hours into World of Warcraft (c. 2006), and RuneScape (c. 2004). In real life, I am a sober brother, boyfriend, son and friend. I spend most of my time at work in pharmaceutical manufacturing as an equipment technician. In my free time away from the game and work, I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend and two dogs, Finnegan the Labradoodle & Otis the Goldendoodle.

I have plenty of experience in MMORPGs, and at one point was in the top 100 of all Holy Paladins on the NA World of Warcraft realms. I have also been on the cutting edge of PVP rating in World of Warcraft, and EHP leaderboards in RuneScape. I am also an experienced role-player. I played LOTRO at launch up until the middle of the Mines of Moria expansion pack. I have returned!

Now-a-days, I prefer to take things slow and treat these games as a social experience, crafting simulator and interactive storybook while making friends along the way. As I get older and my brain, hands, and eyes begin to fail me, I still find incredible solace immersing myself in these fantasy worlds.

Feel free to reach out at any time and say "Hi!" I look forward to meeting you all.



Twelfth Step the Dwarf Captain


Thank you for sharing, Twelfth! I think that you will find many new friends in the kin as long as you communicate in kin chat or fellow up with kinsfolk. Those that quest alone and seldom, if ever, get involved with kin chat are those who usually stop playing and move on to something else unless they are diehard Tolkien fans. We hope that our family will become your family in Arda and that many lasting friendships will develop along the way!

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