Our 11th Kinship Anniversary is Here!


WoC Event List

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It’s that time of year again.  The Warriors of Camelot are celebrating our 11th Kin Anniversary from Friday, April 5th through Thursday, April 11th!  We have a variety of events planned for that week, so please join us then for some fun.

All times listed are the server times on Gladden


Friday, April 5th

8pm - We’re Taking the Chickens to Isengard

10pm - Roving Threats: Evendim


Saturday, April 6th

8pm - Kin Anniversary Parade through Bree

8:30pm - Concert at Prancing Pony Stage

10pm - Roving Threats: Western Gondor


Sunday, April 7th

8pm - Fashion Show

10pm - Roving Threats: Misty Mountains


Monday, April 8th

12pm - In the Footsteps…. of Bilbo

8pm - Freeze Tag

10pm - Roving Threats: Forochel  


Tuesday, April 9th

7pm - Roving Threats: North Downs

9pm - Timeless Tuesday Concert in Archet


Wednesday, April 10th

8pm - Helegrod Fun Raid level 50+


Thursday, April 11th

8pm - The Chickenball Run: Breeland


Tomorrow starts our Anniversary!
Here are tomorrow's events:




Our events continue:

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Sunday's Events:


Monday's Events:


Tuesday's Events:


Wednesday's Event:


Join us on Thursday, April 11th at 8pm eastern/server time as we wrap up our 11th Kin Anniversary with our first ever Chickenball Run! It’s every chicken for themselves as we race to complete the quest “Flying the Coop – Bree-land”. You must be able to accept this quest from George the Chicken, so orange chickens won’t be able to compete. Also, no chicken tenders/player character escorts are allowed. Chickens that get killed before talking to all 5 animals are disqualified.
Do you have what it takes to survive the wilds alone & complete The Chickenball Run?
**Voice chat is highly recommended as chickens & non-chickens are unable to communicate in game. We will be using our Chicken Chat voice channel for this.


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