Do the Discord

Submitted by: Pounceth, your Queen

Discord is a tool that is vital for multi player settings where instant communication is the difference between victory/loot or a sad, sad wipe.

Let's make this clear up front - You need Discord. Why? Because you cannot type and put the hurt on the dark minions of Sauron at the same time. You cannot beg for heals, you cannot explain how a clunky catapult mechanic is vital to success. You absolutely cannot instantly warn your teammates of impending doom if they take just one more step toward the boss. You just can't.

This article aims to make the Discord setup and experience as easy as possible, as well as some advice on how to choose decent equipment and how to manage your Windows settings.

Download and install the Discord app on your preferred device. Duh.

Discord for Windows

If you're not used to downloading and installing programs, click the download button found at the link above, click "save as" on the panel that pops up, and then click Desktop on the save file window to tell Windows where you'd like to keep it.

This will save a pretty blue Disord setup icon on your main Windows background screen that's easy to find.

Double click this icon and watch it work. After installing and updating itself, the Discord app will pop open. You can now drag and drop this icon to the recycle bin and forget it forever.

Congrats. You are now a tech wizard.

You need to have a Discord account. Starting one is standard issue USER:PASS decisions that are far beyond the scope of this article. Just write them down somewhere so you don't forget. The step below leads to a handy start an account page on Discord's website, so take advantage of it if need be.

Click the Connect button on the handy Discord widget that's in your face the entire time you're lurking on this website. This will generate an invite to Koozebane's game server and, once you start an account and/or login to the Discord website, will land you far Beyond the Moons of Meepzorp.

You're in! There is a dedicated Lord of the Rings voice chat channel that you can join by clicking on its title in the left column. Boom. All done. Ready to crawl some dungeons with your kinsfolk.

"But, Queen Pounceth, I have no microphone!" you say. No problem. Hearing your Queen's voice is the most important part of all this.

OK. Fine.

Look for forthcoming suggestions on the equipment you should strive to acquire in the forums here, as well as tips on how to wrangle your sound settings like a pro.

And, as usual, if anyone has any tech issues that rear their ugly head, ask for help here in the forums, or shoot Kooze a message and we'll get them straightened out ASAP.

Thanks for reading, my loyal underlings, and happy chatting.


Where In the World is Filbert Fig?

Submitted by: Pounceth, your Queen

Elusive barterer, mysterious merchant, part time NPC - Filbert Fig is quite often nowhere to be found.

Some adventurers speculate Filbert spends most of the year in the gold vaults of Standing Stone Games packing artificially limited rare treasures into Loot Boxes for the currency laden whales of Middle Earth. So far, this theory has yet to be substantiated - Filbert might simply be on vacation with his brother Phileas in Linden for all we know, but the underlying premise of the larger rumor is quite likely to be true.

Why are our suspicions aroused?

Items such as the Moria Sunrise Crystal Brazier should be easy to purchase from those industrious Dwarves of Moria.

But, Filbert has somehow acquired exclusive rights to sell such items...common items that sit out at nearly every intersection through which one cares to ride a dusky nimblefoot goat. If only Dwarves were more open to discrete bribery.

Also, the Moria Ornamental Urn seems to be suspiciously rare.

Last time one of WOC's hearty bands of total annihilation agents went righteously cleansing their way through the direful depths of Moria, these urns were heaped precariously in every corner collecting copious blankets of dust. And yet, finding more than one to set out in the Kin roost is next to impossible.

Something seems amiss, here.

The Moria Crown Column might be a more difficult find, but could hardly be considered rare.

We'd love to have a few of these keeping watch over the halls of Camelot, but Filbert remains at large.

We beseech our fellow kinmates to keep an eye out for this fellow Filbert, so that we might convince him to part with a few of his horded interior decorator items....and perhaps learn of his exact whereabouts throughout the long year.

Try not to rough him up in the process, warriors. We may have need of him later...

Kinship News

Rift Reference for Serious Researchers

by Koozebane, 209 days ago

Widely acclaimed as one of the best raid instances in LOTRO, WOC has taken to making a weekly run on Saturday nights.

The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu
is a level 50 twelve player raid and not recommended for characters under 46 -47. Hope tokens are a must and traits should be slotted for tactical mitigation (since you will be on fire a lot).

This raid awards special gems that can be exchanged at barterers in Iorelen's Camp starting area for class specific sets of armour. We highly recommend characters keep a list of gems they need to make boss loot distribution quicker and easier.

For an extensive overview of this raid's bosses, maps, tactics, and rewards, we recommend doing a deep dive at the handy Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu Wiki page. You'll be an expert in no time.

To participate in this raid, simply log in and express interest on Saturday. We'll try not to get you killed. Mostly.

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Chat Features Return to LOTRO

by Koozebane, 216 days ago

Sauron's grip on far reaching communication has been released. All pending applications have been duly processed.

A big thanks and welcome to all those who withstood the dark perils of limbo.

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New Applicants Languish as LOTRO Chat Features Vanish

by Koozebane, 218 days ago

While LOTRO's in game chat features are broken, Kin officers are finding it difficult to find and add new applicants.

We will continue to monitor the situation and invite new recruits as soon as elvenly possible.

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